All of our units are month-to-month rentals with no long-term commitment and no deposit required. We offer SafeStor self-storage insurance that is convenient and affordable for you to insure your goods while in storage, learn more about it on our Insurance FAQ page.  For your convenience, we have on-line account management and on-line bill pay absolutely FREE.

5x5 Outdoor Drive-Up

25 square feet

Small hall closet. Can fit contents of a 4x8 trailer.


$45.00 per month

10x20 Outdoor Drive-Up

200 square feet

Single car garage. Can fit approximately 5 rooms.


$140.00 per month

10x15 Indoor Climate Controlled

150 square feet

Large bedroom. Can fit approximately 4 rooms


$150.00 per month

5x10 Outdoor Drive-Up

50 square feet

Walk in closet or studio. Can fit approximately 2 small rooms


$55.00 per month

5x10 Indoor Climate Controlled

50 Square feet


$75.00 per month

13x13 Indoor Climate Controlled

169 square feet

Standard one-car garage. Can fit approximately 5-6 rooms


$160.00 per month

10x10 Outdoor Drive-up

100 square feet

Average size bedroom. Can fit approximately 2 rooms.


$100.00 per month

10x10 Indoor Climate Controlled

100 Square feet


$125.00 per month